Unleashing the power of vehicle wrap marketing

If you have wrapped company vehicles, chances are you know they’re a great marketing tool. Dollar for dollar, no other advertising medium even comes close.

Although this is a generally known fact, very few businesses really take advantage of the truly powerful marketing that vehicle wraps can potentially offer. Sure, driving those vehicles during the course of the work day is great, but what about the time they aren’t on the road? Wrapped vehicles can work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Here are a few ways to maximize the downtime:

1. Strategic Placement. 

Depending on your type of business, having exposure in the right location can be a big deal. Billboards offer that exposure, which is why they’re so expensive. Aside from excessive cost, billboards also offer limited placement options, making it difficult to target a specific location or client base. Sometimes a little creative thinking can help locate the perfect parking spot that gets great visibility during certain days or times with the right people passing by. For example, let’s take a limousine service with a wrapped vehicle parked outside a tuxedo rental store. Most of the traffic entering the tuxedo store is also a potential customer for the Limo company!

2. Online/ Social Media

Whether you have 1 or 100 wrapped vehicles, show them off! Take pictures of them lined up in a row, or while parked on a job site and get them online. Your website, facebook, instagram, etc. 

3. Events- be there, without being there

Get familiar with what’s going on locally (or not locally) that draws a crowd of potential clients for your business. Even if you don’t personally attend those events, your wrapped vehicle can. Vehicle wrap marketing is all about taking advantage of these opportunities.

4. Passive salesman

When your vehicles are parked in an area with potential customers walking by, take advantage of the situation! Adding a weatherproof brochure or business card holder to the vehicle gives those potential customers the ability to grab your information while seeing your rolling billboard. This is a powerful impression with great potential for turning into a sale.

5. On the road advertising

Sometimes the best advertising can be during commuter traffic on a specific highway or local route in town. Consider hiring a driver to run a predetermined route at strategic times to reinforce your brand presence. Creating repeated impressions helps ensure potential customers remember you when it’s time to use your services.


These are just a few examples of creative uses for vehicle wraps to gain tremendous marketing and advertising benefits, for very little effort or expense. For more details, contact us anytime to see how vehicle wraps can fuel your company’s marketing efforts.

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