Vehicle Wrap Financing

Even though the advertising value of vehicle wraps is tremendous, the initial cost can be a bit of a deterrent. This is especially true when considering wraps for several vehicles. Fortunately, there are options.

As it turns out, the best time to think about wrapping your vehicles is before you have them! Dealerships and leasing companies will often build a credit for graphics into the financing. Others will actually pay the graphics vendor directly. In these cases the wrap is considered an upfit option, no different than a ladder rack or shelving system. Airgraphix has established relationships with dealerships and leasing companies nationwide, which makes the process smooth and painless.

Wraps are perfect for leased vehicles as well. The wrap will actually protect the paint, keeping the value high until trade in time. Lease terms are generally well within the recommended lifespan of a wrap, ensuring removal will be a breeze.

The key to making this work is a proactive approach. You’ll want to check with your dealership ahead of time to see what their procedures are for working a vehicle wrap into your financing or lease payment. If they know this is a determining factor in your vehicle purchase decision they’ll likely be inclined to accommodate.

Planning ahead with your vehicle wrap vendor is equally important. By working out design details in advance, the wrap can be scheduled at the time of purchase or lease so the graphics are done when it hits the road.

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